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Ensuring your top executives and clients are transported from A to B in the upmost comfort with tight schedules and travel arrangements has always been paramount in the success of our professional chauffeur services. Our fleet of vehicle for travel agents ensure as standard your customers travel in comfort, drivers are smartly dressed and always provided a level of customer service that remains one of the highlights of the trip.

Business travel private chauffeur services have much better value for money, in comparison to traditional airport services. With the typical cost, you pay for comfort, reliability, and speed. These qualities are a bonus for many tourists when travelling; a smooth airport transfer can make a world of difference to your client’s entire trip.

Why do hotels trust Global Chauffeur for private chauffeur services?

Our client base ranges from private individuals to organisations such as the Four Seasons Group, Intercontinental Hotel Group, Hilton and Hyatt to name just a few London hotels we cater for. Why do they trust us? Simple put, we are second to none and are founded on an ‘excellence through a service culture’ ethos. With many holiday packages, traditional airport transfers are included in the cost from hotels. For the most part, this isn’t beneficial for travellers. These transfers can cost up to four times as much, often for a sub-par service; waiting times and delays can start the trip on a negative note and represent you, the travel agent adversely.

Why travellers prefer a private chauffeur service

It may as come as no surprise that travel agents are now opting for private chauffeur services from Global Chauffeur, rather than a traditional airport transfer booked independently or inclusive in their hotel booking. Our private chauffeur accounts enjoy a single monthly detailed invoice, ensuring the focus remains on delivering great customer experience. Our dedicated team will not only ensure efficiency in administrative areas but also you will be privileged with generous payments terms and set journey fares exclusive to you. These set journey fares on professional chauffeur services for your travel bookings ensure your package prices are more value for money for your travellers, a better service at lower prices often charged by hotels.

With Global Chauffeur, they will receive more than just a transfer. Every single service is tailor-made and customised for them and their needs. Whether they are travelling for business or recreational purposes, they will be greeted and gifted with everything that they could need, ensuring they return to you for all their future bookings.

Exponential growth in London travel agents acquiring our private chauffeurs

A travel agents’ line of work revolves around making the best trips for their customers. Of course, this includes a fantastic hotel and impeccable organisation. If you are a travel agent, you need to ensure that you provide only the best service for your client.

With Global Chauffeur, your clients will be greeted from the airport and transferred directly to their property. All the services are personalised to fit the client’s needs. For instance, refreshments, Wi-Fi, and magazines are all available as standard and we also offer a kerbside to airside premium service exclusive to us.

Global Chauffeur uses flight-monitoring technology, ensuring that we are on time, and aware of any delays. This addition is an added sense of security for your clients, ultimately reflecting well on you as a travel agent. After all, there’s no reason why transfers should not be comfortable and stress-free – something many traditional airport transfer services do not focus on. With a private chauffeur like us, your clients can begin and end their trip in style, with comfort and ease.

Whether you need a private chauffeur in London, Paris or New York, Global Chauffeur offers a superior transfer service in over one hundred cities worldwide. Call us today and speak to your dedicated account manager for all your travel agency chauffeur requirements.

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"Always providing us with the best chauffeur car hire services, drivers are always impressively dressed with great knowledge and understanding."

Marcus Steinberg | Company Director | Corporate Car Hire London

"Travelling into London for busy schedules is always a testing experience, however with GC everything from the service to professionalism in all that they do is amazing".

David Dein | Company CEO | Corporate Chauffeur Service London

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