Wedding Celebrations

Wedding Celebrations

Wedding Car Hire London

At Global Chauffeur, we assist in building dream weddings with comprehensive royalty treatment. Conducted in our very exclusive and extensive luxury wedding car hire fleet garnished with the most exquisite amenities. We have a package to accommodate any type of wedding chauffeur requests from small boutique engagements to large cultural wedding events.

Our wedding chauffeurs appreciate that your wedding day is one of the single most important events in your life often planned and thought about for many years. We do understand the importance of ensuring that every single aspect of the preparation is as important as the others.

In every single city that we operate, we are renown for our great sense of organisation, our limitless dedication and commitment. Our entire wedding chauffeur specialist carries under their belt over 10 years of wedding event experience and has worked for many years with the most reputable five stars hotel establishment around the world.

At Global Chauffeur, we offer a comprehensive wedding solution that translates into a memorable experience that will be part of this joyful moment you will remanence for the rest of your life.

Equally, we do very much understand the importance of ensuring that these unique moments of joy must be shared with your distinguish guest, friends, and families.

Our very high sense of creativity, attention to details, impeccable organisation skills and above all care has always allowed us to support, organise and perform small, medium and large wedding events at the full satisfaction of every single of our client over 100 cities worldwide. At Global Chauffeur, we build lasting priceless memories no matter what your wedding car hire needs are.

Wedding Chauffeur Service

At Global Chauffeur, we very strongly believe that the success of any wedding starts from the preparation stages itself but also the connection and understanding between the allocated wedding specialist and the bride and groom. All our wedding specialists have built throughout the years a fantastic sense of intuition. It has allowed them to be able to deeply connect with each client, understanding their most essential requirements then creating something unique that responds to their inspiration and delivers a dream wedding.

Besides the great quality of our wedding car hire specialists, at Global Chauffeur, we offer an exclusive and extensive range of unique vehicles to respond to each of our client’s aspirations. From a vintage fleet such as the Aston Martins DBR1 1959 or a Rolls Royce Phantom I 1927 to the new 2018 Rolls Royce VIII or the Mercedes S600 Maybach.

With Global Chauffeur, we guarantee that your dream is to listen to and translated into a beautiful reality.

We strongly believe that a lifelong commitment celebration should be part of the most cherished and enjoyed a moment of our existence.

All the amenities in our vehicles are very carefully selected and customised to your requirements. As expected, each of our vehicles is garnished with the most luxury and original amenities, high-quality ribbons and a perfectly groomed and elegant wedding chauffeur that serve with care and attention towards your happiness.

All our wedding chauffeurs have been specifically trained to drive in an organised convoy journey style but maintaining the elegant aspect of the experience. Regardless if you are looking to organise or attend a wedding in style, we are very much committed to supporting you and providing you the royal treatment.

Wedding Car Hire Specialist

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"Always providing us with the best chauffeur car hire services, drivers are always impressively dressed with great knowledge and understanding."

Marcus Steinberg | Company Director | Corporate Car Hire London

"Travelling into London for busy schedules is always a testing experience, however with GC everything from the service to professionalism in all that they do is amazing".

David Dein | Company CEO | Corporate Chauffeur Service London

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