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London; a city that is bursting with history, luxury, and recreation. The iconic city is known worldwide, saturated with opportunities, and adventure in every direction – you need to ensure that you not only visit London but do so in style and comfort.

As beautiful and impressive as London is, getting around the city itself is confusing and time-consuming. Even getting from tourist attractions like the Buckingham Palace to Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre offers a chance at anybody becoming lost.

Having only the best chauffeur company will guarantee that you’ll see and experience the magnificent city, and do it in style. Our services will not only get you from a to b, but provides you with the opportunity to not only see the city but embrace it.

Convenience combined with luxury chauffeur services

Global Chauffeur offers flexibility, comfort, and practicality, combined with luxury and individualised enhancements. We know that every trip is different. For this reason, every single one of our chauffeur car hire services are tailored to you and your requirements. 

From wedding celebrations, business meetings, airport pickups, or shopping – we will provide you with everything that you could need and more.

With experience, attentiveness, and compassion, we have created a chauffeur service that provides more than just a functional purpose. We equip you with an adventure, and a chance to relax in the hustle and bustle of a hectic city.

Our chauffeurs all have a minimum of ten years of chauffeur company experience and go through an intense training program. This assures that you are provided with only the very best chauffeur services and all your specific needs are catered to, at all times.

Chauffeur car hire with business support

Global Chauffeur offers amenities, which will not only provide you with comfort but also convenience. For instance, WIFI on board, assuring that you’ll never miss an email and universal multi-phone chargers to make sure that you’ll always be available through phone or tablet.

Our vehicles are decked with a selection of local literature, keeping you up to date with the latest news, all while making it to your next destination on time.

We also offer VIP amenities, used predominately for special occasions. This addition acts as an embellishment to the already faultless service, designed to impress and assist you and your guests.

Our devotion and attention to details are unmatched. From the services, safety, and comprehensive privacy steps, we assure every requirement is sufficed.

Distinguished fleet of prestigious vehicles

Our fleet of vehicles can range from a Rolls-Royce, luxury 4×4’s, and Mercedes Benz S Class’s. Our entire hand-picked collection is never older than three years old. Our fleet are fitted with the latest gadgets and specifications that you will need.

There’s absolutely no reason why getting to every destination shouldn’t be comfortable, expressive, and serviceable. Our services speak for themselves, for a professional, dedicated and opulent chauffeur service, we are the best in the industry.

For simple tasks, shopping trips, pickups or sporting events, we will not only provide you with transportation – we will add to your experience, and supply tailored services and amenities. We are the number one chauffeur service in London and continually work towards improving and perfecting all our services.

Our Testimonial

"Always providing us with the best chauffeur car hire services, drivers are always impressively dressed with great knowledge and understanding."

Marcus Steinberg | Company Director | Corporate Car Hire London

"Travelling into London for busy schedules is always a testing experience, however with GC everything from the service to professionalism in all that they do is amazing".

David Dein | Company CEO | Corporate Chauffeur Service London

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